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Universität Karlsruhe (TH), Karlsruhe, Germany

Orientation & Getting Around

Conference Companion

You can find the information below as well as additional information and the papers of the IERT in the COMPARCH Conference Companion. You will receive a copy of the conference companion when registering at the conference location.

Orientation On Campus

The campus map (PDF) shows you the location of the conference on campus as well as tram stops and available parking spaces near campus. At the conference site, signs guide you to the lecture halls and the central information desk.

Registration and Central Information Desk (for each day)


Day of COMPARCH Event Position of Central Information Desk Symbol on Campus Map Registration Hours
Monday, 13.10.2008 WCOP building 50.34, third level, room 333 Symbol for Information W on Campus Maps 08:30 - 09:00
Tuesday, 14.10.2000 CBSE, QoSA building 11.40, just below the Tulla lecture hall Symbol for Information 1 on Campus Maps 08:30 - 10:00
Wednesday, 15.10.2008,      
Thursday, 16.10.2008
building 11.40, just below the Tulla lecture hall Symbol for Information 1 on Campus Maps 08:00 - 09:00
Friday, 17.10.2008 CBSE, QoSA,
building 10.91, just in front of the Redtenbacher lecture hall Symbol for Information 2 on Campus Maps 08:00 - 09:00

You can register on site at the central information desk for that day at the given registration hours. During the whole conference, contact persons are available at the desk for that day to assist you in case of any question.

Traveling Within Karlsruhe

Detailed information about traveling within Karlsruhe can be found at the getting around page.

Travel to Karlsruhe

How to get to Karlsruhe?
The venue is accessible from several international airports and is served by international and national trains, including ICE and TGV high-speed networks. Detailed travel information can be found at the page travel to Karlsruhe.

Visa regulations
The FAQ for visa regulations of the german government can be found at
The list at shows the visa regulations by country.

Social Events

If you attend CompArch 2008 you will have the possiblity to join your fellow researchers on the following social events:
Reception at the castle of Karlsruhe (Tuesday, 14.10.2008)
We welcome you at the beginning of CompArch with a reception in the picturesque castle of Karlsruhe (see also the CompArch 2008 logo).

Software Industrial Day Reception (Wednesday, 15.10.2008)
The reception of the Software Industrial Day is located directy at the conference location and provides you the possibility to get into contact or dive into detailed discussions with practitioners as well as discuss your experience in one of the offered tutorials.

Steam engine trip to the heart of the black forrest (Thursday, 16.10.2008)
There will be a trip with a historic steam engine from Karlsruhe to the beautiful village of Bad Herrenalb in the heart of the black forrest. You can enjoy the unique feeling of the trip itself, as well as a guided tour of Bad Herrenalb, and a relaxing evening at a local restaurant, which provides you the possiblity to connect to your fellow researches in an interesting and pleasant environment.
Pictures of the steam engine and a description in german are available here. A few impressions of another trip are available at this site, unluckily with a german description as well.


Arrangements for you have been made with the hotels on the hotel map, also listed and linked below. Just use the registration-keyword "CompArch08" to get access to the rooms reserved for guests of CompArch 2008.

Hotel Hasen, Gerwigstraße, phone +49 721 96370
City Hotel, Kaiserstraße 152 (near Europaplatz), phone +49 721 25303
Hotel Ambassador, Hirschstraße, phone +49 721 18020
Hotel Kaiserhof, Kaiserstraße 235 (at the Marktplatz), phone +49 721 91700