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CBHPC 2008 (Component-Based High Performance Computing)

Sponsored by ACM SIGPLAN
and held as a part of CompArch federated events
(see for more info)



Important dates

  • Abstract submission: 9 May 2008
  • Full paper or extended abstract submission: 26 May 2008, 8am GMT (was 16 May 2008)
  • Notification of acceptance: 27 June 2008
  • Camera-ready papers and extended abstracts: 5 September 2008
  • Related software (optional): 11 July 2008
  • CBHPC workshop: October 16th - 17th 2008


CBHPC 2008 is the third joint event of the HPC-GECO and CompFrame workshop series. This workshop focuses on the role of component and framework technologies in high-performance and scientific computing, and on high-level, component-based and innovative programming tools and environments to efficiently develop high performance applications and exploit them both on individual massively parallel systems and on the Grid.



CBHPC welcomes submissions of two types dealing with high-level and component-based approaches to HPC and Grid Computing:

  • Component models and frameworks
  • Component-based Grid platforms
  • Programming environments and paradigms
  • Analysis and comparison of existing programming approaches
  • Integration of different distributed/Grid/HPC programming frameworks
  • Tools and Environments for Coupling of Parallel Application codes
  • Application-level and support-level management of performance, QoS, faults, dynamicity, architecture heterogeneity
  • Application-level QoS contract description and enforcement
  • Advanced middleware systems as a device to efficiently exploit Grid resources (e.g. high-bandwidth, innovative networks) in high-level programming environments
  • Case studies and experiments of large and geographic scale high-level HPC applications, large-scale data/analysis
  • Applicability of software engineering techniques for restructuring and integration
  • High-level approaches for emerging HPC architectures, including clusters of reconfigurable computing units and multicore processors
  • Approaches to development, deployment, repositories, debugging, and testing for components in HPC environments



CBHPC welcomes two types of submissions:

  1. Full papers of up to 12 pages which include work not already published or under review for publication in other conferences of journals.
  2. Extended abstracts of up to 4 pages describing work in progress, which is intended to foster discussions of the emerging trends in the component-based HPC and exchange of recent ideas as well as on-going applications.

Submissions are accepted only electronically, in PDF format, and must conform to the ACM style. Full papers may not exceed 12 pages and extended abstracts of work in progress should be no more than 4 pages long including all figures, tables, references, and supplementary material. Information for authors and reference style files are available at Submissions should made at

All full papers and extended abstracts will be reviewed by multiple program committee members. Accepted submissions will be available in digital form at the workshop. Accepted full papers will be also published through the ACM Digital Library after the workshop. The committee also plans to invite selected full papers from the workshop to be extended and published as part of a journal special issue.

The organizers plan to distribute in electronic form to the attendees additional material concerning the accepted works (e.g., software tools, demos, and prototypes). Interested authors should contact the workshop chairs no later than July 11, 2008.


General Co-Chairs:
* Christian Perez, INRIA, France
* Masha Sosonkina, Ames Laboratory and Iowa State University, USA

Local Chair:
* Jan-Philipp Weiss, University of Karlsruhe, Germany

Steering Committee:
* Rob Armstrong, Sandia National Laboratories, USA
* David E. Bernholdt, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA
* Massimo Coppola, Institute of Information Science and Technologies, CNR, Italy
* Marco Danelutto, Universita di Pisa, Italy
* Vladimir S. Getov, University of Westminster/CoreGRID, UK
* Aad van der Steen, Utrecht University, The Netherlands

Program Committee:
* Rob Armstrong, Sandia National Laboratories, USA
* Mikio Aoyama, Nanzan University, Japan
* Rosa Badia, Universidad Politéica de Cataluña, Spain
* Purushotham Bangalore, University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA
* Françoise Baude, University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis, France
* David E. Bernholdt, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA
* Francisco de Carvalho Junior, Universidade Federal do Ceará Brazil
* Massimo Coppola, Institute of Information Science and Technologies, CNR, Italy
* Marco Danelutto, Universita di Pisa, Italy
* Doug Dechow, Tech-X Corporation, USA
* Wael Elwasif, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA
* Vladimir S. Getov, University of Westminster, UK
* Madhu Govindaraju, Binghamton University, USA
* James Kohl, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA
* Boyana Norris, Argonne National Laboratory, USA
* Christian Perez, INRIA, France
* Thierry Priol, INRIA, France
* Rainer Schmidt, Austrian Research Centers, Austria
* Masha Sosonkina, Ames Laboratory and Iowa State University, USA
* Aad van der Steen, HPC Research, The Netherlands
* James-Bernard Stefani, INRIA, France
* Rainer Stotzka, Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe, Germany
* Alan Sussman, University of Maryland, USA
* Nanbor Wang, Tech-X Corporation, USA